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Why Choose Fernweh?

At Fernweh Agro, we are passionately in love with tea. Our team has captured the essence of the most exotic places which are presented in our diverse collection of Tea blends.

We are strong believers in the fact that everyone deserves a perfect cup of Tea! And that is why Fernweh Agro is committed to serving the best teas from the finest tea plantations. Fernweh Agro blooming tea blends are distinct and every single one of them is dynamic in their way. Our fruit tea & herbal tea collections have distinct soothing aromas and a prime touch with the ‘feels’ of very strong yet soothingly pleasant taste. Fernweh only wishes the best tea experience for you! 



Fernweh Agro team strives on delivering the same delightful taste and cosmic aroma in every sip. Every packet we formulate is completely herbal, organic, and has a natural aroma with the essence of places. 

 Fresh Fruits

We only use the freshest of fruits after complete quality inspection to give our customers the most authentic experience that they deserve. There is 0% involvement of rancid products during the process of Fernweh Agro tea manufacturing.

 Sweet Not Sugary

Our tea collection tastes best in its truest form- the beautiful simplicity of nature’s purity. But we also know that sweet tooth is a guilty pleasure of many! And lucky for you, our beverages are sweet and delicate- just not with unhealthy store sugar. Fernweh tea sweetness is 100% derived from nature’s sweet nectar.  

Nothing Artificial

We do not add any fake flavor, aroma, or preservatives in any of our products. All our products are absolutely free from artificial ingredients.

Ethically Sourced

All raw materials used in production at Fernweh are ethically sourced from around the world. We support small farmers and applaud their efforts to make an honest living through the harmony of tea cultivation.

Keeping It Natural

The whole process of our tea homerun is natural. We use 100% natural and fibrous ways to manufacture and produce our tea products. Fernweh serves the best of best and nothing less! 


Traditional Blends

Fernweh Agro houses a range of mesmerizing ethnic blends from all over the world solely for the pleasure of our customers. We want you to experience the traditions and the magic of the globe through our tea collections. 

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Fret not; we hate petrochemicals too! Fernweh Agro uses zero plastic in our packaging and our packaging is completely biodegradable. Passionate and adventurous but always love for Mother Nature first! 

Fast Shipping

Fernweh Agro ships your order within 24-48 hours. We deliver worldwide in just 5-7 working days. Fernweh Agro is no ‘Flash’ but we thrive to dispatch and deliver your products at the maximum speed possible. 

Customer Input

Fernweh Agro loves the customer and values their needs and demands. We respect our customers’ input religiously and create new blends and tastes for customer-specific satisfaction. 


We have gathered rare fruit teas and ethnic delights- Alphonso Burst Oolong Tea, Guava Moringa tea infusion, Kiwi Green tea, Citrus Blast, Aam Panna, and many more blends have all been brought together under the Fruitea collection to give a subtle fruity punch in a cup of tea. Refreshing tastes of these blends come with many health benefits and it is sure to make you fall in love with them.

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