About Green Tea Bags

With numerous health benefits including antioxidants, reduction of risk of cancer among several others, it is important to get the best out of green tea by brewing it correctly. Visit Fernweh Agro for the optimum quality of organic green tea in tea bags & loose tea leaves and relish the undeniable taste. Buy organic green tea bags from Darjeeling and Assam and choose from a wide variety of options from our online tea store.


Steeping Notes:

For the perfect cup of green tea, follow these steps:

  • Preheat the teapot before brewing.
  • Use fresh and cold water to make the tea. Avoid using hard water as it will not give a good taste since green tea is delicate.
  • While straining, try not to use the old plastic and metal strainers.
  • Heat the water to 170-180℃.
  • To the boiling water, add 2-3 grams or a pyramid tea bag of green tea.
  • Pour the water over green tea leaves. Let it brew for 3-4 minutes. If you brew it for a longer duration, it might taste bitter.
  • Lastly, you can add sugar or honey for added sweetness.

Recommended intake: 3-4 cups a day for maximum health benefits

Calorie content: Green tea is usually low or negligible without any added sweeteners.

Caffeine content: 30-50 mg

Now that you are well aware of all the steps of brewing the green tea, go ahead and experiment for the best.

About Black Tea Bags

With a revitalizing and lingering taste, the Darjeeling and Assam black tea is something special. Organically produced with a sophisticated flavour profile, Black Tea undergoes complete oxidation. While black tea has a robust flavour, you can savour its best taste if brewed correctly.

Steeping notes:

Here are the steeping notes on brewing the black tea:



  • 2-3 grams of black tea leaves for 1 cup or 1 teaspoon (for 8 oz water approximately)
  • A cup of freshwater
  • Optional additional elements: Sugar, honey, lemon, organic or artificial fruit preservatives




  • The first thing to do is take cold and freshwater and brew it to a temperature a little below the boiling point. It should approximately be in the range of 200F- 212F.
  • Next, measure the black tea leaves in the teapot or infuser and pour hot water on them.
  • Cover the teapot or the cup while brewing.
  • Brew it for 3-5 minutes. You can brew it until you get the flavours of your liking. However, the steeping time for black tea bags will be more as compared to black tea leaves.
  • Once done, you can remove the black tea leaves, either through a strainer or directly.
  • Lastly, add some flavours like honey or sugar, if you wish to. Then enjoy every sip.

Average caffeine content: 14 to 61 mg

Recommended intake: Not more than 2 cups a day

Calorie content: Almost negligible (2 calories per cup)

About Fruit Tea Bags

The world is your tea pitcher, so why stop experimenting with the infusion of deliciously natural fruit flavours. At Fernweh Agro, you can buy caffeine-free fruit tea bags online from ample options of loose leaf fruit tea and fruit tea bags to get your hands onto. Some of the flavours include Aamras, Kashmiri Kahwa, Coconut Cracker, Kesar Pista among several others.

Seeping Notes:

Brew the perfect flavours of fruit tea with the following steps:

  • While brewing the fruit tea, select a vessel that is spacious enough for the complete infusion of fruit flavours into water.
  • Completely boil the water at 212℉ and then add the tea leaves.
  • Let it brew for 5-10 minutes or even more depending on the robustness of fruit flavour of your liking.
  • This allows the flavour to completely drench. Then, gently stir in the vessel to let the flavour release before serving.
  • Remove the tea leaves with the infuser or strainer.
  • Usually, no flavour or milk is added. But, you can optionally add honey as per your liking.
  • The fruit tea leaves can also be used for a second brew.

Recommended intake: 3-5 cups in a day.

Calorie content: For one fruit tea bag, it is 2 grams or in general, 2.4%

Caffeine content: No caffeine

About Oolong Tea Bags

At Fernweh Agro, we offer various flavours of Oolong tea in pyramid tea bags, including pineapple and Alphonso burst. Buy the optimum oolong tea bags online at our site to unroll its remarkable characteristics.


Steeping Notes:

To get the best possible flavour, here are some tips on brewing oolong tea:

  • While brewing, use pyramid tea bags for the rich flavour. There are many varieties of oolong tea, so the quantity to be used varies.
  • For every 180 ml of water, the usual amount is 2-3 grams or a pyramid tea bag.
  • First, heat the water to a temperature of 180-200℉ (just a little below the boiling point). Use spring water to keep up the rich taste.
  • The temperature is suitable as it keeps the aromatic properties of oolong tea intact.
  • Before steeping, rinse the tea leaves. Then, pour hot water over them.
  • The steeping time for oolong tea bags is usually 3-5 minutes depending on the concentration you like. However, do not over brew it as it can lead to a bitter taste.

Recommended intake: Not more than 4 cups a day.

Calorie content: 2-3 calories for every 8-ounce cup.

Caffeine content: 10-60 mg for an 8-ounce cup, falling between green tea and black tea.

About White Tea Bags

White Tea has a high nutritional value. While brewing this tea, no milk is added. It is important to know to correct brewing procedures for relishing the perfect essence of flavours. At Fernweh Agro, you can buy several flavours of white tea online and just enjoy the exotic and enriching flavours to the core. These are available both in tea bags and loose leaves.

Steeping Notes:

The following points have to be kept in mind while brewing the delicate white tea:

  • The first thing to consider is that you should use fresh tea leaves and good water. Springwater is the most preferred option.
  • Before putting in the tea leaves, warm the water to a temperature of 150-160℃, with very light steam in the pyramid tea bags or otherwise. In case you heat the water a lot, tea might start tasting bitter.
  • Next, add about 2-3 grams or 1 teaspoon of white tea in the water. Brew it for 2-3 minutes in heated water.
  • Once done, add the additional sweeteners. These could be honey or sugar.

Recommended intake: 3-4 cups a day

Caffeine content: 30-55 milligrams in an eight-ounce cup

Calorie content: 2-3 calories per eight-ounce cup

Always use high-quality white tea for the best taste. While white tea can go for a long time, it is recommended to store in a dark and cool environment. Do not store in the refrigerator. Keep it in an airtight and opaque container for best results.

About Loose Leaf Organic Tea

Buy loose leaf organic tea online from our store as per your liking and convenience. Along with the tea choice, the other thing that matters is the method of preparation.

Steeping Notes:

Here are all the steps you must follow to get the best outcomes while brewing organic tea:

  • Measure the tea: The general measurement is 1 teaspoon for 8 oz of water. The quantity may vary according to the density and robustness of tea. Put the measured amount of organic tea leaves in the teapot or infuser.
  • Check the temperature: Use freshwater which is dechlorinated. Do not over boil the water. The general temperature for various types of organic loose tea leaves is:
    • Black tea or herbal tea: 212℉ (rolling boil)
    • Oolong tea: 195℉ (just some bubbles begin to rise)
    • Green and white tea: 170-180℉ (the bubbles just start forming on the bottom of the pot)
  • Steeping time: To avoid unwanted bitterness in your tea, it is essential to make a note of the time. To make the tea stronger, you can add more of the leaves. The steeping generally for organic tea leaves is 3-5 minutes, but a little longer for flavoured and fruit tea.

About Organic Tea Bags

At Fernweh Agro, you can choose the organic tea bags of various flavours and types to enjoy the enriching taste of organic tea.

Steeping Notes:

Don’t want to ruin organic tea by over brewing it? Here are all the steps to follow while steeping the tea:

  • Choose the one that suits your mood: Want to energize yourself? Go for black tea. Just want to ease out all the stress? Herbal tea helps your mind to relax. Choose whatever you feel according to your mood.
  • Boil water: Boil the water at the right temperature according to organic tea type to get the best taste. However, always use filtered and freshly-drawn water, as it helps the flavour to develop.
  • Add teabag: Once you know that the temperature of boiling water is right, add the teabag and let the flavours steep in. Usually, it takes 3-4 minutes before it is properly brewed.

Then, remove the tea bags and your perfectly delightful cup of organic tea is ready for consumption.


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