About Black Tea Bags

With a revitalizing and lingering taste, the Darjeeling and Assam black tea is something special. Organically produced with a sophisticated flavour profile, Black Tea undergoes complete oxidation. While black tea has a robust flavour, you can savour its best taste if brewed correctly.

Steeping notes:

Here are the steeping notes on brewing the black tea:



  • 2-3 grams of black tea leaves for 1 cup or 1 teaspoon (for 8 oz water approximately)
  • A cup of freshwater
  • Optional additional elements: Sugar, honey, lemon, organic or artificial fruit preservatives




  • The first thing to do is take cold and freshwater and brew it to a temperature a little below the boiling point. It should approximately be in the range of 200F- 212F.
  • Next, measure the black tea leaves in the teapot or infuser and pour hot water on them.
  • Cover the teapot or the cup while brewing.
  • Brew it for 3-5 minutes. You can brew it until you get the flavours of your liking. However, the steeping time for black tea bags will be more as compared to black tea leaves.
  • Once done, you can remove the black tea leaves, either through a strainer or directly.
  • Lastly, add some flavours like honey or sugar, if you wish to. Then enjoy every sip.

Average caffeine content: 14 to 61 mg

Recommended intake: Not more than 2 cups a day

Calorie content: Almost negligible (2 calories per cup)

Black Tea Bags | Buy Darjeeling Organic Black Tea Bags Online at Fernweh Agro Online Tea Store

Black Tea Bags

At Fernweh Agro, we offer delightful black tea which is available online in loose leaves pyramid infuser tea bags as well. Go ahead and buy the best black tea bags for your tea rituals.


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